My Google All in one

Using this web page user can get google product in one place . no need to open google application every time. This page is very useful if you think all Google website should be in one place, like collection of Google website. With the help of this website you can get all web based application in one place like for search, for email , Google plus Internet-based social network, Google translate for translating words or sentence, Google maps for map navigation , Google drive to store data and file, Google books for books reading, Google photos for storing and sharing photos, Google cloud to use cloud software, Google news for reading latest news, youtube to watch latest movies and video online, google play to download android apps and Google calendar, Google docs, Google URL Shortener, Google code , Google design , Google keep, Google webmasters, Google analytics , Google Ad Sense , Google ad mob, business, arts and culture , blogger , finance , trends, Flight, Classroom, Domains, google Sites, page speed, alerts, surveys, groups, hire, shopping etc. this my Google all in one page only provide you a way to get all google web based application in one place. You can even access all individual application in web browser. This app only provides convenient way to access all application in one place.