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What is IP address and how to Find it

IP address or Internet Protocol(IP) address is a address of computer system that are interconnected in a network and with the help of Internet Protocol(IP) computer communicate with each other or sent data from one computer to other computer and through this Internet Protocol(IP) address we can find out the exact location of computer or device. all device or computer has unique IP address. if any one are trying to access or communicate with your computer then you can identify the location of that computer through IP address. Internet Protocol(IP) address is a 32-bit numeric address that mainly divided into four part and separated by periods .every part of that number can be 0 to 255 like Internet Protocol(IP) address can be static or dynamic. static address is a permanent IP address and dynamic address is a temporary address that can change every time.

How to find Internet Protocol(IP) address

to find out your Internet Protocol(IP) address you can use ipconfig command in command line or you can use the IP address finder website that can easily find out the Ip address and location of that computer and service provider.

Trace IP Address

Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a number that divided into four part and separated by 3 dots. that assigned to each device that connected into network. through Ip address we can identify network and computer location. If you want to trace IP address of any computer or visitor you can use this tool for trace IP address .through this tool you can easily find out details about that IP. Enter IP address and click button that show details about that IP address.