Indian GST Calculator

Indian Govenment has introduce New tax system thats known as GST(goods and services tax). now tax payer(Goods or Service) have to pay govermnet taxes according to GST tax system. before paying tax they need to know tax amount(how much amount have to pay as GST tax) . for knowing GST amount they can use this Indian GST calculator. this indian GST calculator helps user to calculate GST amount from actual amount .

How we Can use This Indian GST Calculator

With the help of this Indian GST Calculator You can Add GST amount in actual amount or Substract GST amount from total amount.

Add GST : Enter actual amount in that you want to add gst amount and select percentage of gst tax applicable and press add gst button. you will get GST amount and total amount with GST.

Substract GST : if you have total amount( actual amount + gst ) and you want to remove GST amount from total amount then you have to enter total amount and percentage of gst and click Substract GST button.

GST Calculator

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